An Escape to Write

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Medha Pande

The best advice I received on pursuing a career in writing was to be prepared for rejections. The next best advice was to opt for a more secure primary job and then continue writing in the side. This second advice, in spite of being a life safer, suffers from some of its own disadvantages. We’ve all been there: an idea, which has the potential to grow into an awesome piece of work, gets lost amidst the hustle and bustle of the main professional and private life. Recurrences of such a situation don’t just reduce your chances of having a great career in writing but also bring in frustration. Imagine yourself at a later stage in life with the regret of not being able to utilize your writing skills to their full potential.

Now imagine-just really imagine- you sitting all by yourself in a peaceful, picturesque place and writing to your heart’s content. Imagine seeing the sunset in all its glory. Imagine meditating uninterrupted, getting meaningful inspiration and encouragement to write. Imagine hiking and finding a sudden revelation to your plot.  Imagine receiving a creative jostle to write, reading aloud to people really interested and mingling with like-minded ones. Add to this visualization a one-on-one discussion with Sr. Commissioning Editor, Literary Division of Penguin Random House, receiving tips on how to increase your chances of getting published and getting to know about intellectual property rights and laws to protect your ingenuity. And all the while having enough time, comfort and relaxation to put down your everyday baggage of worries and just write from your heart (and an attentive brain).

The good news is-this perfect world of your imagination exists or rather is going to exist from 22nd to 25th November in Dharamshala, Kangra Valley, Himalayas. The Write Scene is organizing a Writer’s Retreat. The key highlights of this ‘writing escape’ are “your opening reviewed by industry stalwarts, brainstorm with best-in-class industry experts, free to take part in work-room nuggets- Developing Author Essentials- your ‘Author branding’ kit, dedicated six hours a day writing in inspirational surrounding.”   

It’s obvious that the retreat is curated in such a way by Deeba Salim Irfan that the activities, surroundings and expertise will not just aid but enhance your creativity and writing. So don’t wait to book a place as the seats are limited. Check out the whole programme by clicking here and unleash (and show to the world) the true you!  

Medha Pande


Featured Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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